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Finally, an ethical solution to your ‘terms and conditions’ woes.

The following sheets were created for you to swipe, and drop on to your website, no questions asked.

Please read through this Disclaimer before purchasing.

I know, I know… I can see the irony of putting a disclaimer on a page that literally sells disclaimers, so let’s file this under “my lawyer made me do it”.


After purchasing, you will be supplied with a link to your document(s). Documents are dynamic and updated quarterly with emerging policies and scenarios.

If you purchase the Full Product Suite, you will be given a link to a dashboard that contains ALL products in the entire library (best deal). This is lifetime access, and continuously updated with every new product that comes out.

*** All prices are in USD ***

Are you Canadian? I know the exchange can be painful right now, so send me a note, and we’ll get you sorted out at an affordable rate

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