Congrats on becoming a Small Print Suite Affiliate!

To access your affiliate portal, login to your account:

Sign in using the email you signed up with, and your assigned password (you can change your password under Account Settings as soon as you get in)

And click “Affiliate” on the left sidebar:

You will be taken to a “Report” page.

Beside the Report tab, you’ll see a Profile link. This will show your referral info:


At the top you will see your affiliate ID. This will be used to track all sales.

Under that, you will see an example URL. This shows how your affiliate ID will appear on ANY URL you wish to share. Your ID can be used on any page in the site, including all programs and products. To direct people to your your affiliate URL, you must append the following to the end of any URL. This is also illustrated in the URL generator.

** AFFILIATEID would be replaced with your issued affiliate ID



Payouts will be made to all Canadians via e-transfer, and all Americans via PayPal.