Affiliate Terms and Conditions

The following conditions are strictly adhered to The Belle Method where all affiliates are concerned.

Transparency & disclosure to end customers

When you are posting affiliate links to your website, newsletter and social media, you must disclose that you are getting a portion of the sale if asked.

Terms of Use

Affiliate links can be used in the following places. If you wish to use your link in another place, please reach out to with any questions.

— Website

— Newsletters

— Instagram

— LinkedIn

— Facebook

— TikTok

Payout Schedule

Payouts will be made to the PayPal address listed inside your affiliate account on a bi-monthly basis. The following payout schedule is as follows.

July 1st 2020

September 1st 2020

November 1st 2020

January 2nd 2021

March 1st 2021

May 1 2021

Minimum Payout

Your account balance must reach a minimum of $100 before being eligible for a payout in the next cycle.

Payout Method

Payouts are made via PayPal using the address entered in your affiliate portal.


If an end customer which purchased through your affiliate link requires a refund, you will not be eligible for that commission.

Brand Expectations

As an affiliate to Small Print Suite, you are an extension of the brand.

We encourage you to use your own copy and personality when promoting the products, as well as keep the core brand vision and messaging in mind.

Please know that if Small Print Suite deems any messaging linked to affiliate sales to be inappropriate, you will be required to remove and/or re-word your messaging.