Shannon is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), media personality, personal finance expert, financial literacy advocate and founder of the New School of Finance. Shannon is a best-selling author of the two books:
— Worry Free Money
— Living Debt Free

0:18 — Intro with Shannon Simmons

2:15 — What is your money history story? We explore how money is talked about within the household, and how families can reflect shame and secrecy around finances. It’s time to get open about your finances!

5:40 — Do you talk about how your business is doing, whether it’s good or bad? We talk about all the feelings that people have when talking about and handling money.

8:35 — Are you passionate about what you do, but scared to see if it’s actually profitable? We dig into the emotional layer of taking a hard look at whether your business is actually profitable.

9:55 — Why Shannon chose to work Freelancers and how she made a niche for herself.

11:48 — TAXES! This is what you’ve been waiting for. How to organize your taxes and what you need to do when you’re just starting off. How to wrap your head around income tax.

15:50 — EXPENSES! What are they? What’s a write-off, and how to organize the money that isĀ  going OUT of your business. How do you know if something is a an expense? Find out here.

23:25 — What are some things that are not allowed to be expensed, and what in Shannon’s experience has been the most bizarre expense attempts.

26:00 — How do media personalities and influencers determine expenses? We discuss how the landscape has changed since the emergence of all these new careers.

27:20 — We talk CRA and how they are a great resource for entrepreneurs. It’s not a big bad agency who’s out to get your money. We talk all about the role of Revenue Canada.

31:30 — What is the difference between income tax and sales tax? Let’s clear up some muddy waters about GST/HST, sales tax and income tax.

37:25 — Where can you find Shannon, and what resources she has to offer.


Here’s where you can find Shannon

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