I’m super stoked to have my good friend Irina Leoni join me, she’s a super talented photographer, brand strategist, and visual branding icon.

Let’s dive in to all things visual branding!

1:00 — Irina intro and how she started with photography and why she got into it

3:30 — How as a photographer does Irina make her subject feel comfortable, and how to make the most of the awkwardness of a photoshoot

6:05 — How Irina prepares her subjects for ALL the places photos will be used. Making sure you have pics not only for your website, but Instagram, Facebook, Twitter ADS and other people’s website.

10:30 — The questions you need to ask photographers before you hire them t take your branding photos. Make sure they are specific to BRANDING!

12:55 — Is there value in mixing a combination of professional photos with candid shots? Yes! But, there is a time and a place.

15:00 — Smartphone photography, and how to make the most of the camera in your pocket

16:20 — When to upgrade to a professional camera, and how to not get overwhelmed by technology. Is a smartphone enough to start with?

23:45 — Start small with the equipment you have, and scale up when you outgrow your equipment.  Not the other way around.

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