Welcome to Freelance Freedom,

I’m your host Margaret. Join me for a deep dive into the live of a freelancer.

I share my client struggles and successes, and celebrate those moments that make it oh-so-worth it!

This podcast was developed to take you on my journey of what it’s like to run a freelance business. I’m here to take you every step of the way, through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I’ve ran a few solo businesses in my 15 years of freelancing, and have learned (often the hard way) what it takes to make your mark.

Join me to look back at the lessons learned, and what needs to be done to make waves for the future. We will be going over all the big picture concepts as well as getting our hands dirty with the nitty gritty details of daily operations, taxes, legalities, and conflict resolution.

Let’s plan for an incredible, profitable future together.

This is Freelance Freedom.